American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is organized into 12 easily manageable chartered divisions of both volunteers and medical staff that operate in more than 900 offices spread through out United States and one in Puerto Rico. The society is United State's largest voluntary health organization and also ranks in the top ten of the most popular charities in United States. As per the society's estimates, more than 11 million cancer survivors and many others who have avoided contracting cancer will be celebrating their birthday in 2011.

The headquarters of the Society is located in the American Cancer Society Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The National Home Office plans, develops and implements the information, serviced and support programs of the Society in order to help patients through every phase of cancer. The Home Office also administers the groundbreaking research programs of the Society and at the same time provides materials and technical support to all the 12 divisions and 900 offices.

The divisions are run by Divisional Board Directors. This division on a regular basis runs awareness efforts, provides program delivery, raises funds and also organizes public information events. The local offices strategically located around the nation are present in more than 5,100 communities. These local offices deliver the cancer survival programs and services to the patients directly.


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