Purpose of the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society's has an international mission statement, which shows the global nature of the organization and the global presence that the organization has. The international mission of the organization concentrates on building capacities in societies with developing cancer and also to collaborate with other organizations that are carrying out the same research and have the same missions.

The Society tracks the cancer related occurrences across the United States, which includes the number of new cases, the deaths and also the time it takes for people to survive after the diagnosis of a cancer. According to their 2011 cancer reports, there are more than 1.5 million cases of cancer in United States. The society has developed a Health Services Research program that conducts research to develop new methods for cancer treatments.

The Society also provides grants to other US medical schools and universities who are carrying out research in cancer related disciplines. More than 230 universities and schools are currently funded under this grants system, which is known as extramural grants. The society boasts about funding 44 Nobel Prize winners in life science research early in their career, which is a record for a non-profit organization.

The Society also has setup the International Tobacco Control Research Program to support collaborative international surveillance efforts in tobacco research. The tobacco program has so far collaborated with the World Bank and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Office of Smoking and the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative. It also publishes the "Tobacco Control County Profiles" to spread knowledge about Tobacco based cancer developments.

The Society believes that conquering cancer is as much a matter of scientific discovery as public policy. This relentless belief has led to the society advocating for affordable and quality healthcare for patients and also increased funding for cancer research. The Society is also pushing for policies and laws that decrease tobacco sale and use and other lobbying efforts to ban tobacco.


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